Wildbird Charity is committed to making this a reality and feeding children in Whatcom County. You can help this important effort by making a donation here:

Cofounder Mike Mulder Talks About Wildbird Charity
Board President, Darin Rasmussen Shares Covid-19 Update
Former Executive Director, Phill Esau Packs Bags for the Backpack Program.

We have scaled up our Backpack Program and are currently providing 6 meals and snacks to children and youth in Whatcom County every weekend.

The number of additional children who benefit from this Program is increasing substantially, as our partner school districts and other organizations have attested.

You can make a difference.
Your donation matters.

Every donation is one meal that these children and families don’t have to worry about.

Wildbird Charity would like to thank our community leaders for their hard work and continued support through these challenging times.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Moder – Executive Director at (360) 519-7856‬