Why Do You Choose to Volunteer?

Image of a talking bubble that says "We Love our Volunteers"

Amanda Rennie says…

I found out about Wildbird Charity through my work where I met Executive Director Phill Esau and co-founder Mike Mulder. When I have assisted these two they would talk about this fun program that they put together and how they were always looking for new helpers! I think what they have put together is incredible and I am so glad that they would talk with us about this program because we all look forward to going when we can. Whenever I have the opportunity to volunteer I always look forward to seeing all the familiar faces, and getting to spend a little time in the beautiful city of Blaine. It is such a rewarding feeling when you are putting together each of the bags because you start to think about how what you are doing is really helping someone out. This program really helps you see the bigger picture and it is so awesome to make a difference in others’ lives! 😊 Thank you!

Kari Bostick says…

I learned about Wildbird Charity through my work. I wanted to volunteer before the COVID-19 Pandemic but never had the opportunity because it conflicted with my work schedule. The thought of feeding kids in need warms my heart, so when things slowed down at work, my employer encouraged us to get out in our communities and volunteer. I love working with a charity that serves our children in our communities. I enjoy seeing the same positive, smiling faces each week when we meet to stuff sacks.  Thank you for the opportunity to help 😊

You too can be a Wildbird Charity volunteer. Contact us to learn how you can make a difference in our community.