Granola Bar Drive for May was a HUGE success!

We just completed our first ever granola bar drive, for the month of May. Our goal was 800 bars… you absolutely smashed it by giving 4500! 1500 were given through our Amazon Wish List and Eagleridge Elementary gave 3000! Two amazing kiddos, Beau and Zach along with their leadership teacher Tracey Baker, organized a challenge for their class. If they collected 1000 granola bars they would get to duct tape their teacher to the wall, 2,000 and they would get to duct tape the vice principal as well, and if they got to 3,000 – they would hit the trifecta and get to tape the principal too!! Well, this week myself and Kathy Hann Young (a fantastic volunteer who set this all up!) went to the school and picked up all the granola bars. What a fantastic group of kids, especially Zack and Beau who spearheaded the whole thing. Look for us to continue to add various drives in the future for specific items that we use every week. Click here to see our Amazon Wish List!