Why Do You Choose to Volunteer?

Cherish Dinwiddie says…

I was introduced to the founders of Wildbird Charity by my grandfather, Bob Gist. He took me to one of their yearly meetings after I’d been expressing to him how I’d been longing for a way to help those in need, and it was exactly what I had been looking for! I even cried in front of everyone because I was so overwhelmed with the love and care everyone in the room had for others. Executive Director, Phill Esau took me under his wing and set me up to help with packing lunches for the kids in Bellingham every week, and eventually, my Mom started helping too.

Everything about this program is amazing and I have been happy with my decision to work with the Wildbird Charity ever since I started. It’s so rewarding knowing that at least one-less child is going hungry. We can all gain something by giving our time to others! I highly recommend getting involved with this program and/or donating to the cause.

Bruce Mason says…

My wife and I first learned about Wildbird Charity when she donated some clothing to the retail store.  She heard all about WBC activities and couldn’t wait to share what she had learned when she arrived home. Not only did she learn about the Backpack Program that day, but it was also promoted at our church Christ the King in Blaine. The aspect of reward through service is why I also wanted to volunteer.

You too can be a Wildbird Charity volunteer. Contact us to learn how you can make a difference in our community.